Saturday, June 8, 2013

We're getting the band back together

Greetings friends and artists of Botanic, 

It's been a long time since I've posted here because, it's been a while since we've had anything to write about relating to the gallery that was "Botanic".  Fortunately we've got some exciting news which is that Botanic is in the process of securing a new space which will open in July or August of 2013.   Botanic will reopen around the corner from our original location, in another ground level, location in what we hope will be a more sustainable way.   We've learned much since our first show, and with that new knowledge in mind, we wanted to put out some more firm guidelines and tips for artists and curators alike for proposals in the future.

The mission of Botanic was, and is, serving the local art community with programming, openings and events that are fun, engaging and hopefully challenging in the best possible ways.   That being said, we're welcoming proposals for shows and artists that are living & working in Bushwick/Ridgewood.  In this case, when I say proposals, I only mean something more formal than, hey, check out my work, can I show it at your space?  I'm hoping you have something to say about your work, and why you're excited about showing it.  So basically, I'm asking for a brief statement of what your project is about, and ideally, why you think it would be right for our space.  Basically introduce yourself, and let me know what would you show[?] or what would you do[?], how would you do it[?] and why?

In the spirit of community engagement, I'd ask that you be willing to sit the space at least two days during the run of your exhibition to answer questions on your work, and patiently share your practice with anyone that comes in.  I've found that through doing this myself [for my work, and the work of others] helps me to better understand the work, and how people are seeing the work.  I've also learned about sharing and discussing the work with all types of people, including those who may or may not be artists or traditional artist audience.

Botanic is a DIY operation.  I'm going to have to re-learn to properly hang drywall, lights, and other construction skills long forgotten.  It is my hope that Botanic's artists will also be willing to take a DIY approach to their own shows and solving the problems of practically putting together your exhibition since we do not have a staff [yet!].  This means that you're willing to figure out how to burn your own looping a DVD, hang a heavy thing safely, budget your time for install, consult actively with me on the design a card/image, and be proactive about promoting your own show.  

Finally, while it may sound like a small thing, we ask that artists bring at least one bottle of locally purchased wine [we highly recommend Vinos en Wyckoff] to share with awesome people willing to come all the way out to Bushwick to come to see your art work at your opening.

Whew...  If you're still with me, thanks, your persistence is impressive!  Submissions, press inquiries, suggestions, questions, and especially to let me know you'd like to volunteer to help hang drywall can be sent to paulmnicholson at anything, twitter, vine, yahoo gmail, facebook and so on.

Paul M Nicholson

Post Script: I want to thank all of the excellent artists that have shown with us in the past and have gone on to wonderful things, hopefully encouraged by their brush with Botanic.  I'd also thank everyone that has come to an opening, event or night out at Botanic.   Thanks to JF Lynch, who has helped in too many ways to count including with installations, inspiration, and curating a wonderful show during Botanic's initial run, and rolling a cart of drywall 20 blocks across Bushwick with me [Hey JF wanna do that again at our new location?];  Finally, I'd like to say a special thanks to Vinos en Wyckoff for sponsoring our first space, we're independent not but haven't forgotten your generosity.  It's one thing to pay lip service to supporting the arts, and an entirely different thing to put your time, energy, and money where your mouth is, and Vinos stepped up big time, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

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