Thursday, October 20, 2011

For Immediate Release: @ dekaLb

For Immediate Release:
@ DekaLb
opening at Botanic, Friday October 28, 2012
Opening Reception for the artists 6 – 10pm
Botanic is located at 150 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11237

With the world becoming increasingly technologically connected, and despite the fact that that change is an ever-present force in the New York, individual neighborhoods still retain distinct identities, each with it’s own character and flair. This show is intended to take a snapshot of the creative community located in the Wycoff Heights neighborhood centered around the Dekalb Stop on the L train. While existing largely in the shadow of what outsiders consider to be Bushwick's creative cultural center [Morgan avenue’s post-industrial loft spaces], this parallel community located near the Brooklyn/ Queens border has several newly created spaces that are engaging with their community and providing valuable opportunities for artists to share their work.

@ dekaLb is an exhibition that considers the distinct character, identity, and working methodology of artists and creative people living and working near the Dekalb stop on the L train. By limiting participation based solely on geographic restriction, Botanic provides a stage for dialog between aspiring & seasoned artists at the ultra-local level. Drawing an artificial line in the sand @ dekaLb hopes to identify a community of artist residents while at the same time blurring boundaries across this creatively rich corner of New York. The diverse works to be included in the show range from diminutive art objects to post studio creative practice intent on decentering the creative discourse in Bushwick and beyond.

Lemia Bodden, Mark Bouthilette, Kira Bucca, Chris Cardinale, Eva Delmo, Daniel Derwelis, Elias Garcia, Robin Mork, Tara Long, J.F. Lynch, Adrienne Mikulka, Miguel Rodriguez, Christopher Saalbach-Walsh, Jim Stanis; Curated by Paul Nicholson


  1. I've come across the work of a colleague, Independent Curator Claire Schneider who focuses her lens on Phoenix artists in the exhibition "here" opening at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts opening Friday October 21st. The exhibition poses the eternal question "What is the role of "place" in art?" In their text they provide insight into the idea of "regionalism" by proposing a curatorial strategy based on geographical area. From their release: "here. provides a platform for artists from six regions and opens a broader discussion about what Regionalism can mean to American art today."

    This show looks great, if you're in Philly this weekend you should make sure to check it out.

    - Paul